Saturday, January 5, 2013


What can I say about Glenn? He is pure. The first thing I noticed was his stunning blue eyes. Look at them, and I think you can begin to understand his story. 

Look at his eyes, and you see his big heart. A sweet boy with eyes that smile and twinkle. Pure, unselfish, loving, and most of all- BEAUTIFUL just the way he is. 

When I was finishing up the photoshoot, I went over to thank Glenn. As he took my hand, he interlaced his fingers with mine, as a way to show love. This picture makes me a little emotional. Glenn loved me, and I could feel it. He didn't know me, but he showed me kindness and love. I learned from him that day, something special. Regardless of our situation in life, we can LOVE.

The day that I opened my eyes to the horror that was Glenn’s first seizure, I also opened my heart to the beauty in the ‘special’ world around us. Glenn is truly beautiful. He has had thousands of seizures in his life, and yet, he doesn't slow down. He just gets up, with piles of medication that would stop a rhino, he just gets UP. This lovely boy, knows no difference, this is his life, not his condition and he enjoys it, every minute of it. He loves amusement parks, the ocean, and all things orange that spin. When he laughs, the whole world stops for just that moment to breathe in his joy. What his voice does not speak, his eyes relay. Those big beautiful blue eyes that scream: Love me, I am worth knowing. Glenn enjoys meeting NEW people, they may not know how to react to him at first, but he puts them at ease with his smile. He knows a world with no words that make sense, he knows looks, and body language and rejection but he doesn’t know why. He is accepting and tolerant and doesn’t know that running away is supposed to be scary. For him, it is a continuation of his adventure. And...he is magic.