Thursday, August 1, 2013

Paxton- The boy who kept me going

Paxton is a special little boy to a lot of people. He changed my life for the better with his smile and the spirit you feel around him.

As many of you know I started this project as a way to heal and give service to those who go unnoticed. I felt that around April 2012 that I was done with my project. As I began to watch General Conference ( a special broadcast from my church ). As Elder Rasband, a leader of the church, gave a talk about his grandson who had special needs, my heart swelled with love. I knew my project wasn't over. There were still lessons I needed to learn, and people I needed to meet. I Met so many wonderful people, and my last shoot was Paxton- Elder Rasband's grandson who has touched my heart and kept me going on my wonderful journey.
One thing that always touches my heart on these shoots are the wonderful mothers I meet! Paton's mom was a joy to meet. I loved capturing them being together, the love that showed through their eyes would make the hardest heart melt!
Truthfully, without Paxton and his story this project wouldn't of gone on any farther. I thank God that I was able to give back to the little boy who gave me greater light.
"Paxton left his hand print on many hearts. As I got an e-mail telling me about Paxton returning to live with his Heavenly Father, my heart was full of many emotions. I felt a great loss for his family, but the joyful knowledge that he is now continuing to help others on the other side. I know that he will live again with his family, and that he will be perfect in every way. God has a plan for all of his children, and that he knows us by name. I have no doubt that Paxton came to earth to teach us all the love that our heavenly father has for us. I know it." - Sister Lizzy Cady