Monday, May 28, 2012


This is Taylor and his twin brother! As you can see, he loves him very much! I was lucky enough to get into contact with Taylor's mother, thanks to my wonderful sister. When I first arrived Taylor was really excited! I noticed that he automatically started signing to me, and once again, I was reminded that I need to learn ASL- haha.
When I was taking pictures, Taylor's Grandma asked him where he wanted to take pictures. He began dragging a chair over to his Grandpa's truck. HOW GENUINE DOES HE LOOK? He is truly happy. He really loves his Grandparents, and Grandpa's truck!
Taylor was really excited to spend the night at grandma's, and was almost too excited to take pictures! But when I asked him to smile, he was more than willing!
Im so glad that I got to meet this sweet young man,. His gentleness, and love for life and family reminded me of what is truly important in life. Sometimes we need to get off of the computer, turn off our phone, and bask in the joy and love that is all around us. Thanks for the reminder Taylor, you are truly an angel.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


The one thing I knew about MacKenzie, is that EVERYONE, knows and loves MacKenzie! I can see why too! She is such an amazing and beautiful person inside and out! We had so much fun taking pictures! I also had another photographer, Morgan Kirkham of Morgan Kirkham Photogrpahy, come add to the fun!

"I was born with a birth defect called Medial Cleft Syndrome. It's where I had a hole in my lip and no bone in my nose. The doctors told my parents that they didn't think I would make it through the night of my birth and that if I did make it, they wouldn't know what would be affected internally. Luckily, I haven't had any problems internally. Being born with this birth defect has come with many challenges. I've had so many surgeries that I've lost count. I faced a lot of scary situations as a kid by having to go back to the hospital knowing what they were going to do each time. I would always ask my mom "why can't it be Garrett or Katie that has to have surgery?" She would tell me every single time "because your brother and sister aren't as strong as you are."

My favorite saying would be, "After the trial, we will be blessed. But this life is the test." --Janice Kapp Perry
MacKenzie is such a light in a dark world. She is one of the most giving, and happy people I know. She loves working with children, and does a phenomenal job! She is attending ISU for cosmetology. I know that she will be able to make everyone as beautiful as her. If you dont know anything about MacKenzie, I can tell you that she is strong, beautiful, talented, and charitable person.

Friday, May 18, 2012


 Kali is so wonderful! She has that twinkle in her eye. Can you see it? She smiled really good for me, thanks to her awesome dad and siblings.
 First thing I noticed about Kali was her eyelashes. They are SO long! Basically, she has beautiful blue eyes! You cant see them fully when she smiles, but I didn't mind. Her smile shows love and joy.
Kali was an amazing soul to meet. Plus, she did AWESOME at getting her photos taken! =)

February 2012: Notes from my Journal

 Wow! Words cant even express the way I feel. I mean... I CAN FEEL! I dont feel numb anymore. I can feel my broken and tore heart, being mended by the hugs, comments, and smiles. I can truly feel the power and love of God when I am around them. Sometimes I sit at the computer editing the photos from that week, and I get emotional ( I CAN FEEL! YES!) because In front of me is a beautiful son or daughter of God. I am taking pictures of Angels.
 It got me thinking about life, and how we treat others. When I am around people with special needs I feel nothing but love from them. It reminds me of when I went to support Ben, at the special Olympics. Everyone was so happy for each other. The guy who came in second was SO happy for the guy who came in first...haha. They dont love you because of the car you have, the house you live in, how much money you make, or even how you look. They love you for you. They love you because you are a human being, and just like them, a child of God. Someone of worth, and divine potential.
This is why it kills me when I hear people making fun of, or treating these people like they are scum. They know they are different. They desperately want to be like the other kids, do what "normal" people do. However, I dont think its them that needs to become like us. It is us that needs to become like them. We need to become kind, loving, and a light to everyone we come into contact with. While we are sin ridden humans, they are angels. I honestly believe that. No, I know it. People with disabilities may not always act like angels, but they are.  I await for that day when I get to the other side, and see these people in their perfect form- flawless. To give them a another hug and thank them for what they have done for me, and the rest of the world. Thank them for putting up with us not knowing how to help, or what to say. Thank them for being so perfect, that they entered this world with a body/mind that society didn't see "normal". It is my passion and goal to make sure that people can see that love in their eyes, smiles, and hands.... Maybe not getting married was one of the best things that could of happened to me. God has prepared me at this time, and given me these talents to make a difference for his children. I needed to be broken, and lowly of heart, so I could fully invest myself. I dont ask God why anymore, I just ask him what I can do at his hand. This project has given me the chance so I could grow. Iv been given the gift. A chance to learn so much from these people, and in return, find who I really am. Find my divine potential... find who God created me to be, who I will become, and how to get there.  And I will. I will.

Emily: Little ray of sunshine

 When I told me sister about this project she automatically told me about Emily. She talked about how everyone loves her, and how she is just always smiling. Well. She was totally right! Emily is a ray of sunshine everywhere she goes! She was SO excited to get her hair done, and get dressed up in her prom dress/cheer uniform! She also wanted a picture with her dog, who she loves more than anything!
 Emily cheered on the bears when she attended high school. She made sure to show me some of her moves, and a couple of cheers. 
 Emily was so patient with me, and my technological difficulties. She gave me a big hug and called me one of her best friends. What an honor, to be friends among someone so great.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


 Oh goodness me! Kyna is such a cutie! Kyna was part of a group that I met in Boise. She walked up to me and gave me a big hug! I felt like a million bucks! She was dressed in pink and black. Such a girly girl too! As you can see she is incredibly adorable, and has a smile that can melt the coldest heart! Thanks Kyna!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 Oh goodness, Cindy was a joy to meet! Cindy is one of thee nicest people you have ever met! It may of taken me a while to find her house , but thank goodness for GPS! Cindy likes to read and make jewelry! As you can see, she has a talent for making bracelets. When I asked her if she sold them she said," Oh well I probably should. But when I make a new one I get so excited, and I give it to a friend, or someone at work.
 Cindy survived as a fetus when doctors told her mother she wouldn't. They had to do invasive surgery when Cindy's mother was pregnant with her. They told her mother that the fetus would self abort. Cindy didnt though, and he mother counts her as one of God's greatest blessings. "Rearing a child with no mobility, or full mental capacity", Cindy's mother said," Isn't what I thought I would be doing as a young mother, but I wouldnt want her any other way."
At the end of the session Cindy asked me what my favorite color was, I told her it was Yellow. She looked down at her wrists and said, " I already promised this yellow one to a lady at work, but I will make a special one for you, because you are a dear friend of mine."
Its statements like that, and the hugs/warm smiles I get that make this project everything I hoped it would be. Goodness. I LOVE this project!


Meet Emily! She has thee most amazing eyes EVER! She was so excited for me to take pictures of her, and it was totally adorable. The weather that day was pretty poor. It was hailing hard, and the winds were crazy, but she still wanted to have her pictures taken. We found a covered space and took some photos, she was smiling the whole time.
 She brought some of her favorite things with her. She brought her American Girl doll ( that looks like her! ) , an I Spy book, and her Spongebob.
 Emily is just beautiful. She is always smiling, and has thee prettiest green eyes EVER! As I said in my story, I love the expression of someones eyes. In her eyes I saw kindness and love. Most of all, I saw a daughter of God. Simply beautiful.

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When I first thought of this project, I was thinking of people I knew with disabilities. Isaac came to my mind right away. He is my brother's nephew, and I have watched him, and his twin brother develop throughout the years.

Isaac did SO good having his pictures taken. Its really hard to ask anyone with autism to look at the camera multiple times and get a smile at the same time. Its just too much stimulus for some of them.
Twins. One has autism. Both are beautiful. Some say you can tell a lot about a person by their hands.... Well, what do you think?
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Meet the photographer: Lizzy Cady

Hello! My name is Lizzy Cady. Let me introduce myself! I am studying special education at Idaho State, and photography is my passion. My favorite color is yellow, I hate salmon, I am a dog lover, and most of all… I LOVE pictures! I started taking pictures of people in high school, and have kept it up all these years. My passion became capturing joy in a person though a picture. I really love the expression on someone’s eyes, and capturing the pure essence of their character. I honestly did the project to help others, and in return, hope to heal myself. My wedding was canceled, and I wanted a way out of the hurt and pain. Basically I was a broken person. I was so numb, I knew the only way to feel again, was to serve others! The problem was, I didnt know how I should go about it. When news of the cancellation hit facebook a wonderful photographer, Jessamyn Rasmussen of Uptown Photography , talked to me about taking some pictures, to help me see how beautiful I was. When I saw my pictures online I felt happy inside. Pictures bring people joy, its as simple as that. Soon, with the help of friends and God, I knew what I was supposed to do! I have always had a great deal of love for people with special needs. I honestly didn’t see this project going as far as it has! I thank God for this project, and how it has changed me. I’m so honored by peoples support and love! Now, it helps that I had a special angel in my life named Colton.

 Colton was my high school buddy who kept me laughing all day! We would skip down the halls together singing Disney songs, and we loved to eat goldfish together. Colton showed me what life was all about, and how to find joy in the simple things. Without him, I don’t know if this project ever would have happened. I was also given the opportunity to help walk a girl with special needs for graduation. I felt so honored that I was given the opportunity! I saw kids and even teachers at school pick on him (until I or other students got involved). I couldn’t understand why someone would be mean, to someone so innocent and kind. I honestly was never allowed to be afraid of people with disabilities due to my wonderful mother. She taught me that people with disabilities deserve all the respect you have. When I hear people talking about how they don’t feel safe or comfortable around people with special needs it breaks my heart! They just haven’t opened up their heart to love! I hope by doing this project not only can people with disabilities see how beautiful they are, but that people in the world can open their hearts, and try to love them back. People with disabilities don’t care who you are, or what you look like. They love you for being you! I hope that everyone can love them for being them. Beautiful. - Some people say you can tell a lot about a person by their hands. In that case, their hands, all I see is love. I hope I can share that with you. 
-Lizzy Cady
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